For us, true service excellence extends beyond success alone. We strive to be the safest and most sustainable business, making our responsibility to clients and community central to our success. We want to help our clients build beyond the boundaries of our sites, building fairer, more inclusive, more sustainable outcomes. This is why ‘Building better together’ matters to us, and why we hope it matters to you too.

Construction Project


‘We will put safety first in everything we do’

Keeping our customers, workforce and the

general public safe will never be compromised,

and there is nothing that we do that cannot be

done safely.


Our commitment to safety extends from pre-construction and planning all the way though build into handover. To build better together, we know we need to first build safer together. From our supply chain to our site team, to visitors and the wider community, our most fundamental commitment is to the safety of all.

All of our sites follow rigorous safety measures, with in-depth training provided to our staff as well as any visitors to our sites. This not only supports safe practice, but means our clients can focus on the excitement of their project without the concern of injuries or improper practice. Our continued involvement with the Considerate Constructor’s Scheme (CCS) underlines our commitment to safe, secure and respectful working practices across all of our sites. 


Working with Ivor Goodsite, we are committed to sharing the excitement of working in construction with children in our community, whilst spreading awareness about the dangers of construction sites.

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Sustainable Energy


We believe in building more sustainably and

responsibly working toward the governments net zero targets.

Not simply environmental awareness, but

education, action and advocacy underpins our

work with all clients and across all sectors.


Sustainability remains a significant challenge for the construction industry, a challenge we believe can only be met with honesty, collaboration and action. We continually monitor and review practices across the breadth of our business, including our supply chain and construction sites.

We understand there is always more we can do and we continue to invest in making our business more sustainable and more responsible. We strive to divert over 95% of waste away from landfill and continue to invest in better technologies and training to keep our business and yours, on the leading edge of sustainability in construction.

We believe that sustainability is part of ‘Building better together’, and will benefit us all, and provide us with a better future:

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions

  • Improved corporate image

  • Reduced lifetime costs

  • More productive & healthier environments

  • Better relationships with local communities

  • Improved efficiency & trust throughout build

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Social Value

For us, Building better together goes far

beyond simply building...

We’re committed to improving communities

and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.

We’re proud to work with charities, education,

employment programmes & many more

incredible initiatives in and outside our team.


When we commit to Building better together, we commit to improving the communities we work within. We strive to leave a lasting legacy of positive change through the work we complete with our clients, collaborators and supply chain.


Not simply in the here and now, we always look to how we are able to build better futures with a meaningful real-world benefit for the people who we are passionate about supporting.

We are proud to sustain our engagement with varied community programmes, charities, employment and training intiatives, each adding depth to the social value we deliver across our construction projects.


Closely monitoring the real-world outputs of our business, we stand by our commitments to deliver real social value for the taxpayer, local businesses, communities and individuals. We know that Building better futures will take more than words to acheive, which is why we want to share the continued social value contributed across our projects every day.

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